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Innovative online library aimed at assuring the quality of health care in humanitarian action:

Real-time access to relevant medical literature ist often imperative and at the same time challenging for health organisations and health workers in the context of humanitarian assistance.  Simultaneously, the internet offers an increasing number of professional guidelines (e.g. clinical guidelines), textbooks and practical documents on clinical work and public health topics, some of high quality and relevance.

MEDBOX collates high-quality and operationally relevant practical documents for applied work in humanitarian action in the new online library The fast access to documents freely available on the internet serves to quality assurance in health care and disseminate international standards in emergency relief. This project thus closes an essential gap in the application of common operational standards. After the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa in December 2013, we reacted quickly by developing an Ebola Toolbox. To date, the EBOLABOX is the world’s most extensive collection of practical documents relevant to combating and preventing an Ebola epidemic.

MEDBOX is a joint venture supported by 19 internationally active organisations and institutions so far.

MEDBOX offers:

  • Quality documents covering all aspects of health work in emergency relief.
  • Practical resources
  • Specialised toolboxes (e.g. the Ebola Toolbox; Cholera Toolbox)
  • Regularly updated archives
  • News about current publications
  • Easy online-access or via smartphone

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In autumn 2013, the first version of Medbox went online and has been continuously developed since then.

MEDBOX – Tools to simplify your life!


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